1 The Game

a. First Steps

Oulala is an online social game based on European football, also called Fantasy Football. The goal is to create and manage your virtual football team.

Oulala includes the five main championships (League 1, La Liga, The Premier League, Serie A and the Super Lig). All matches available each day will appear on the Oulala calendar, allowing you to create your virtual team accordingly.

The concept is simple: you buy into a league together with one or several Oulala registered users and measure your virtual team against theirs. All buy–in go to a common pot, which will be redistributed to the winners of the league.

On Oulala, you can create one or several teams per day by selecting players from all five main European championships, and enter as many leagues as you want.

Oulala offers you the possibility to make live changes in your team’s formation with «Live Coaching». Thanks to this innovative new function, you can follow the performances of your players in real time, and prudently increase your chances of winning by using your substitutes’ bench wisely and replacing any disappointing players.

A play-for-free version is available for you to try your hand at Daily Fantasy Football on Oulala.

In order to ensure a fair functioning of the game, users are only allowed to open one account on Oulala. Should our team notice that a single user owns several accounts, Oulala reserves the right to close all the player’s accounts and permanently ban him from the game! (And no need to try opening an account in Switzerland, the truth always comes out… ;-).

B. Oulala Calendar

I. Description

When creating a league, Oulala offers a calendar to show you the matches for each day from the 5 championships that will be available on the site. 
A second calendar within each league displays the real-time scoring of all the league matches. The evolution of Live scores is available for every player. To view these items, simply click on the game that you are interested in and then on the player you wish to follow.


Should a match be cancelled or postponed, the points of the players of those team will be annulled.
Moreover, should half the matches of a league be cancelled or reported, the league will be considered null.

C. Registration Process

I. Register

To open an account on Oulala, you must be 18 years of age or over.

  • User name
  • Password
  • Email (x2)

You will then receive an email containing an activation link. Click on the link and start creating you team.

French, Italian and American residents are not permitted to play with real money. We reserve the right to close your account if is the case.

IMPORTANT: the first time you sign in, you will be asked to provide some personal information (Name, surname, date of birth and postal address).
Moreover, before being able to request a transfer from your Oulala account to your bank account on one of Oulala’s leagues, it is imperative that you send us a copy of your ID card as well as proof of residency. Users will not be able to receive their earnings unless they have provided the requested information.

II. Team Building

You can choose any name for your team, as long as it is not already being used by another user and that is it respectful. We reserve the right to refuse a name that would be denigrating, insulting, humiliating, racist or homophobic… Oulala is a place where people come to share their passion for football, not one to solve disputes.

III. Player Selection

You can buy between 11 and 17 players, with a ‘fictitious’ budget of 100 million euros (a meal coupon for Qataris, but a nice amount on Oulala ;-)). Although choosing between CR7 and Messi will always be difficult, our calendar helps you make your selection. Click on any player’s name and view his detailed profile, performance history and fitness level and compare those results to those of other players in the same position.
To buy a player, click on the button to add the player and your budget will decrease according to the player’s price.
There are 4 positions available on Oulala: goalkeeper, defender, midfield and striker. Oulala does not make any distinction between a full-back and a wing-back when calculating players’ points.

Some important points to keep in mind:

  • You must buy a minimum of 11 players, however your gaming strategy is purely up to you.

    The only composition restrictions are:

    • At least one goalkeeper
    • Between 3 and 5 defenders
    • Between 3 and 5 midfielders
    • Between 1 and 3 strikers
  • Your strategy will rely on choosing between the following compositions:

    • 3-4-3
    • 3-5-2
    • 4-3-3
    • 4-4-2
    • 4-5-1
    • 5-3-2
    • 5-4-1
  • You will be able to modify your team up until the kick-off of the first game of the league.
  • You can select as many players from the same team as you wish.
  • Once the league you have entered has begun, you will no longer be able to buy players, but you can still modify your strategy and replace up to three players provided that you have initially selected some substitute players (go to « Live Coaching »).

2 Scoring System

A. Allocation of Points

The points attribution system is established according to the players’ position on the field and their actions during a match. Click HERE for full details.

B. Statistics Supplier

All players’ related stats are collected by OPTA, Fantasy specialist and data provider. Oulala then deals with the data internally and converts them into Oulala points for each player.
Oulala only uses data provided by OPTA for its games.
Oulala cannot be held responsible for errors published by Opta. Opta’s stats always serve as a reference for Oulala even in the unlikely eventuality of an error on their side.

C. Official Results

As matches are played, Oulala receives statistics from OPTA. These stats are instantly converted into points. At the end of each game, a final stats sheet is sent to our system. The latter will be used to calculate players’ points. Any update made after a match is finished will not be considered, even in the unlikely eventuality of an error published by our data provider.

Results will be made official at the end of each final league game.

In the event that several managers get the same number of points, the winner is determined by the following criteria:

1. The one whose players scored more goals.

2. The one whose players made the most assists.

3. The one whose goalkeeper made the most saves.

4. The one whose players received less cards.

5. If they are still tied, then the Oulala team will decide through a Ping-Pong match.

3 Player Values

A. Explanation

A player’s rating on Oulala is determined internally. Several criteria are taken into consideration (expect for Neymar’s new hair cut or Suarez’s mood swings ;-)) mostly based on the player’s performance.

b. Fluctuation

A player’s rating is bound to fluctuate over a season according to his real life performance and success on Oulala’s transfer market.

4 Live Coaching

A. Description

Your goalkeeper gets injured after ten minutes? Your flagship attacker is replaced at the game’s half time for strategic reasons? You feel that one of your players is not having a good day… for the first time in the history of Fantasy Football, Oulala gives you the possibility to modify your team and strategy in real time in order to optimize your chances of winning.
Follow your players’ live performance in « Live Coaching » section and make up to three changes per day (Solskjaer will like this ;-)) using up to six substitute players.

B. Rules

  • You can replace a player with another who plays in a different position, as long as you follow one of the seven strategies offered by the game.
  • Should several of your players play at different times, you will not be able take out or bring in a player whose match has finished.
  • In the eventuality that a substitute player kicks off before the match of your first team player, the time of the change will depend on the amount of time remaining to play by the substitute player. Ex: you want to replace a player at the 20th minute of his match but his substitute is, at that time, at the 25th minute of his. Once you confirm your replacement, you will have keep your first team player up to the25th minute.
  • When a player is replaced, his points are added to the team until he is taken out. The points of his substitute will be counted from the moment he steps on the turf. Please note that there is always a one minute delay in the point calculation: should you take out one of your first team players at the 50th minute of his match, the points of his substitute will be counted as of his 51st minute.
  • You can also view your players’ performances evolution in the performance side bar, available on the « Live Coaching » page and swiftly notice if a player is worth keeping on your team. Since players may not all be played at the same time, the performance sidebar will not be synchronised.

5 Play-for-money


Every day, Oulala offers you the possibility of creating your very own league. In order to do so, you will have to define several criteria detailed hereunder.

Your league will then be published on the « leagues» section and other Oulala members will join in.


The first thing to define is the date you want your league to be launched. Have a look at Oulala’s calendar on the creation leagues page, find out all the matches available each day of the week and pick the perfect date for you.

Please note that a league can only take place on one day.


When creating your league, you can choose one or several matches from one or several championships available on Oulala (La Liga, League 1, A Series, Premier League and the Super Lig).For example: On Saturday, you select Milan AC- Lazio and Liverpool- Chelsea. A minimum of two matches are necessary for the league to be valid.

Members wishing to join the league you have created will need to select their own fantasy team with players from the teams you have selected.


Two types of models are available.

The head-to-head, allows you to measure yourself against one other Oulala member. This league will close automatically as soon as two members have signed in. You can also invite an opponent by entering his Oulala pseudo or sending him a social network invite (Facebook, Twitter, Google+);Alternatively, wait for someone to join the head-to-head.

If you have invited several players to enter your head-to-head, the first member who accepts your invite will compete against you.

The second model is the league. Here, you can decide whether to have a limited number of participants or not. Just like the head-to-head, the league can be private or public.


You will have to define the winning criteria for your league.

Your league can either be free (no buy-in and no common pot) or paying.

In the latter case you will need to decide on the buy-in amount(the minimum being 1€, the maximum being 99€).

V. Gains distribution

You can chose between two distribution types. The first allows the winner to win the full pot common pot. In that case, there will be a single winner.

The second allows for the 3 winners to share the common pot. Exemple: 60% for the first, 30% for the second and 10% for the third.

The tird type of allocation is "the top third win". The top third of the players will share the winnings.


You can view the full list of available leagues on the "League".

To join a paying league you will need to pay a buy-in, which varies from league to league. This amount will automatically be deducted from your Oulala account. The sum of buy-in paid by the members of a league will be distributed to the winners of the latter(minus a commission of X% taken by Oulala).

It is imperative to create a team of at least 11 players before the kick-off of the first game of the league. Once the first game has started you will no longer be able to modify your team.

Some leagues may have a limited number participants decided by the league creator. Once the number of participants has been reached, the league will no longer be available.

At the end of each league, the winner(s) will be announced on the site.

The earnings will be credited on the winners’ Oulala account 1 hour after the end of the last game of the league.


I. Logging Problems

Oulala cannot be held responsible in the eventuality of logging problems.

II. Statistics Problems

Oulala cannot be held responsible should statistics input be temporarily interrupted by our provider during a match.

However, a correction can be made at the end of a match should an evident data problem be noticed (For example: the points of one players have been allocated to another). In such an eventuality, we reserve the right to rectify the data and adjust gains/losses on users’ accounts.

6 Fraud

It is strictly forbidden to use the head-to-head model as a means of financial transaction with a third person (for example: a user purposely loses for another to win funds).

Should we notice such behaviour, Oulala reserves the right to close all user accounts concerned, withhold money on the latter and engage in legal actions.

7 Community

Oulala features a public forum where all members can chat and exchange.

A forum is also available in each league so that participants may interact.

Each member agrees to respect basic rules of ethics (not to use any racist, defamatory, discriminatory or violent language against other Oulala members).

The forum should not be used for commercial or promotional purposes.

Disrespectful behaviour will lead to exclusion of the forum and temporary or permanent closure of one’s account.