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oulala - Stats show Lukaku is the main man at Man United now, not Ibrahimovic

Stats show Lukaku is the main man at Man United now, not Ibrahimovic

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Romelu Lukaku must remind Zlatan Ibrahimovic that he's the main man at Manchester United now and the Belgian has the stats to prove it.
Following Manchester United's 4-1 victory over Newcastle at the weekend, SkySports pundit Jamie Carragher commented on the strikers "When he [Ibrahimovic] comes on, it's hilarious, he tells Lukaku to get on the right and Lukaku does it." Carragher added "Sooner or later, Lukaku is going to have to tell him no you get on the right wing, I'm the 90m centre forward."
Statistics go a long way to show who's top dog and stats released by daily fantasy football game Oulala.com reveal compelling proof that Lukaku must act now and remind Ibrahimovic that he's United's main man now. The numbers show how the strikers have fared at Manchester United in the Premier League and the data is conclusive, Lukaku has bettered Ibrahimovic in every key area.  

While Ibrahimovic has averaged more shots per game than Lukaku, the 24-year-old has been far more clinical, hitting the back of the net with 19 per cent of his shots compared to the 36-year-old's conversion rate of 15 per cent since joining United. 
Lukaku has also been more accurate, finding the target with 61 per cent of his shots. Ibrahimovic has struggled to match that, recording an accuracy of just 55 per cent. 
Although Ibrahimovic may have more Premier League goals for United than Lukaku, he has far more minutes under his belt too. However on a per minute basis, the Belgian leads once more, taking an average of 135 minutes to score each of his eight goals. The Swede has taken an average of 144 minutes to net each of his 17 goals.